019. Various Artists : Vakum 005

Vakum Records, 2017

I tried making house music once like 6-7 years ago and failed miserably, then I decided to become a listener. When I was growing up most of the musicians I knew had a hard time coping with electronic music. They used to say that it was easy to make and that anybody could do it because it was practically made by the computer. Well, tough shit, it isn’t. I do agree that electronic music is not for everyone but I always refused to consider it “mall boring music”.

House has been an up and coming genre for decades. Small labels from all over the world release hundreds of releases a year and it’s impossible to keep up. Vakum is another label in the mix. They have been active for a couple of years releasing small compilations of house and acid tracks that are primal and essential. House music is being associated again with underground parties and after-hours nightclubs.



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