Carpark Records, 2017

Everything has been said and written about the Cloud Nothings, a band that steadily has become on of the most real and sincere rocks band of late.

Cloud Nothings catalogue is extensive and pretty creative. They have released live albums, splits and even an album of remixes. Their music has grown and matured close to the 90’s perfection and their lyrics and emotion is still as honest as it was almost 10 years ago. «Life Without Sound» is a solid release with the usual hooks and the occasional power guitars but the energy seems to be a little hidden. Still “Modern Act” is (so far) my favourite track of the year.



Nightwind Records, 2017

Listening to Legowelt‘s entire catalogue is an adventure in itself, but his Smackos moniker i a little bit wilder and appropriately referred as “cult ambient” .

After 7 years of silence, Smackos return with a solid new experimental product that travels and explores lines of synths, loops and ghostly auras. The finished product is a quite immense and supernatural soundtrack of jazz meets new age ambiance.


Sacred Bones Records, 2017

Uniform released their first record «Perfect World» two years ago and it was just a wake up call for what was about to come.

The mesmerizing production and instrumentation on «Wake In Fright» gives hope for the new generation of heavy industrial music. This is how it should be done. Frantic guitars, masterful programming, desperate vocals; a probable soundtrack for the current estate of the world. The punk and heavy influence is palpable and enormous and the passion and straightforwardness of Michael Berdan‘s lyrics makes Wake In Fright makes an essential album for today and for the future.


Monkeytown, 2017

FJAAK‘s new self titled record just released on Monkeytown, is a hard hitting collection of textures and dance-floor music.

The trio’s first full length goes straight into action within the first 3 tracks. The length of the songs is surprisingly short, considering the build up and track formula. The consistency and redundancy makes «FJAAK» a little underwhelming but certain tracks like “Offline (w/ Rødhåd)”, “Tomorrow” and the breakbeat finesse of “Against The Clock” are a breath of fresh air.


Secretly Canadian, 2017

From bedroom dreams to a European tour, the Cherry Glazerr rock fun has reached new interesting levels of production and dedication.

Cherry Glazerr’s «Apocalipstick» is a huge leap towards a mature sound. The sounds of the new era will be carried around by the young, strong and unapologetic. Clem Creevy and co. will soon become their own heroes. With heavy hooks and guitar driven melodies, the new sound of pop and power music will have a new meaning: strong and meaningful lyrics are better than radio hits.


Rocket Recordings, 2017

The five man Pig crew come out swinging from the UK with a sludgy opera with big riffs and big time psychedelia .

Pigs(x7) describe themselves as “Rock ‘n’ Roll ‘n’ Tonic Wine” so we may as well be onto something right here. The psychedelic elements come mainly from the filtered voice and spaced out songs. The music is accesible and practical, you can nod your head for more than half an hour and only skip a few beats. “Icon” is a master finale, an 80’s psych-heavy rendition.


Príncipe, 2017

Rogerio Brandão a.k.a. DJ Nigga Fox took the world by surprise back in 2014 with his incredible tribalistic productions that made him some sort of a legend. Last year he headlined a Boiler Room party in Lisbon and set the bar really fucking high.

«15 Barras» is a one sided 12″ that features only one song and still keeps the same primal and hypnotic sound. The song is a mix of afro-house and tribal with strokes of distant voices, acid bass lines and plenty to experience during the 15 minute ride.