Lobster Theremin, 2017

ITPDWIP, or Instant Teleportation Process Detected While In Progress, was recruited by the UK label Lobster Theremin to be their first release of 2017 under the White Label series.

Three original songs plus a remix is almost an insta buy coming from a quality label plus the art is incredibly good. The side A opens up with “Blinded By The Light”, a sweet electronic deep ballad followed by Jeremiah R‘s heavier remix, while the B-side is features a more energetic with some hits of acid experimentation.



Self Released, 2017

Paul White has been roaming the underworld of hip hop production for over a decade, and after having a stellar 2016 producing «Atrocity Exhibition» for Danny Brownthe UK producer has returned with his first ever beat tape.

«Everything You’ve Forgotten» appears to be an statement. It’s a small collection of beats that range from psychedelic, hip hop to rock ‘n roll and abstract and downtempo. The mix is fluid and gives an idea of the capabilities of a veteran musician to explore unconventional genres and still get a little bit of cohesion in between different rhythms. The beat tape is completely free and is available to download through bandcamp.


Antinote, 2017

The king of slow-mo electro tracks needs no introduction. Tolouse Low Trax released two of my favourite records of 2016 and definitely bested everyone else with «Rushing Into Water» (my favourite EP of 2016).

Now, «Decades Vol. I» was released on Antinote really late last year, Vol. II  just a week ago and I can assume that Vol. 3 will be out later this year. Been waiting for a full length since «Jeidem Fall» but I can’t complain with all the small releases he’s delivered in the past few years.


Posh Isolation, 2017

Posh Isolation recently turned 8 years and, and along with Northern Electronics, have been the pillar of the Scandinavian experimental and power electronics movement. Puce Mary, Varg, War, Marching Church, Kyo and Norin are just some of the great names on the P.I. roster and the new Age Coin is their first great release of 2017.

«Performance» dwells in the antsy and sometimes unnerving sonic experimentation; with deep bass lines and dub movements the new mini LP offers quite a lot for your buck. The album is only 38 minutes long so this may just be an E.P., who knows.


Opal Tapes, 2017

Opal Tapes has been one of my preferred labels for some time now and this new compilation includes several of my favourite current electronic musicians including: Stefan Jós, Perfume Advert, Patricia, Lumisokea, etc.

The compilation itself might be a little wild and 18 songs may be a lot to digest. There’s plenty of complexity within and some tracks may need double or triple takes. Also they are selling a shirt.