Nightwind Records, 2017

Listening to Legowelt‘s entire catalogue is an adventure in itself, but his Smackos moniker i a little bit wilder and appropriately referred as “cult ambient” .

After 7 years of silence, Smackos return with a solid new experimental product that travels and explores lines of synths, loops and ghostly auras. The finished product is a quite immense and supernatural soundtrack of jazz meets new age ambiance.



Temporary Residence, 2017

David Bowie died over a year ago but is still finding ways to inspire all of us friends, strangers and fellow musicians.

Basinski is an established composer and with 24 long plays already under his belt his newest one might be one of his bests. Played live for the first time last year in Italy, «A Shadow In Time» is a subtle album of drone and meditative repetition. First track is a cathartic opening and the second and last, aptly titled “For David Robert Jones”, is Bowie’s eulogy. Spotify has the tracks reversed for some reason.


Shelter Press, 2017

There’s plenty to love and experience on this new 8-track long play by Gábor Lázár. Eight compositions of incredible sound design and spastic sonic renditions. There’s a few rhythm here and there but ultimately his sound is wild and psychedelic.

The tracks are futuristic and experimental, like a mad doctor softly and gently creating something that still don’t know what it is. The entire album is available on bandcamp but for some reason wordpress and bc do not work well.