Unknown To The Unknown, 2017

Unknown To The Unknown‘s lengthy catalogue has a new fantastic addition.

Realitycheck has only been around for a year but has a solid performance record. His Trafficjamblues 12″ las year was well overlooked and both of his mixes on NTS and Propaganda Sonora are well crafted. «Untitled Love» is the culmination of it all. It’s noisy, rugged and distorted but still incredibly enjoyable. After careful consideration, this will probably end up on many Best Of The Year lists at the end of 2017.



Vakum Records, 2017

I tried making house music once like 6-7 years ago and failed miserably, then I decided to become a listener. When I was growing up most of the musicians I knew had a hard time coping with electronic music. They used to say that it was easy to make and that anybody could do it because it was practically made by the computer. Well, tough shit, it isn’t. I do agree that electronic music is not for everyone but I always refused to consider it “mall boring music”.

House has been an up and coming genre for decades. Small labels from all over the world release hundreds of releases a year and it’s impossible to keep up. Vakum is another label in the mix. They have been active for a couple of years releasing small compilations of house and acid tracks that are primal and essential. House music is being associated again with underground parties and after-hours nightclubs.


The Nite Owl Diner, 2017

Disaster struck out Oakland last December when a fire broke out inside the famous DIY art space and venue named “Ghost Ship”. Thirty six people lost their lives that night and Johnny Igaz a.k.a. Nackt was one of them.

The EP was released posthumously a couple of weeks ago by The Nite Owl Diner, a Chicago label that had been in touch with Nackt about releasing this record during this year. The EP was already planned and completed before the tragedy and is a collection of 4 acid house and techno tracks with the collaboration of producers Kendig and CM-4. R.I.P. Johnny.


Firecracker Recordings, 2017

Neil McDonald a.k.a. Lord Of The Isles starts the year with a great fucking kick. «Parabolas Of Neon» is a six-track fantastic journey of downtempo and ambient jams and a hint of melancholic house(Sunrise 89). He may be releasing a new full length later in the year as well and I hope he does.

Lord Of The Isles’ debut album «In Waves» was one of my favourite records of 2016 and made it into my “Best Of” list last year.


World Building, 2017

Flørist comes back with a new moniker after releasing the excellent «Phenomena EP» back in 2015. If you google “florist v rosso” you’ll get the information and location of a an actual V. Rosso Florist located in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania and I’m like 50% sure that’s where the new alias comes from. I could be wrong.

The «Windows On The World EP» is a small collection of balearic, house and garage tunes and two excellently crafted dub reworks. Quality release with some serious vibes. I don’t know why the wax version is almost 24USD, that’s a bummer.


FXHE, 2017

We should held Omar S accountable for all of the times he’s delivered perfect Detroit house and techno anthems that turn into instant classics.

Apparently this 12″ is almost sold out everywhere and with reason because it is a hit-after-hit kind of thing; especially «Hell On Earth» or “life after you turn 20”.


Running Back, 2017

I read a couple of reviews about this album before going in and most of them said I would be surprised. I listened to a couple of Tornado Wallace records back in 2012 and 2013 that were definitely more house and disco oriented, especially that Bit 1 song that I quite enjoyed. Now I’m not a Mr. Wallace scholar but I’m thinking this is the first time he’s produced something like this(maybe not).

«Lonely Planet» was indeed a surprising and refreshing listen: a tribal-balearic soundtrack from start to finish with hints of liquid guitars and warm bass lines. The highlight of the entire album lays on an 9-minute track song(Voices) that is fucking fantastic. Can’t wait to listen to this on wax during the summer in the comfort of my air conditioned bedroom and away from the sun.