Honest Jon’s Records, 2017

Mater producer Shackleton wasted no time and returned after just 6 months to deliver one more punch to his already extensive catalogue.

It’s not the first time that Shackleton and Vengeance Tenfold have collaborated as they were pretty active 5-6 years ago. Both producers are crafty veterans and on this record they explore background choirs(“Spheric Ghost/Fear The Crown”) and spoken word(“Five Demiurgic Options“) and dub(“Dive Into The Grave”). Overall the album is a mix of dark ambient, tribal and experimental sounds. This is a crazy listen.



Unknown To The Unknown, 2017

Unknown To The Unknown‘s lengthy catalogue has a new fantastic addition.

Realitycheck has only been around for a year but has a solid performance record. His Trafficjamblues 12″ las year was well overlooked and both of his mixes on NTS and Propaganda Sonora are well crafted. «Untitled Love» is the culmination of it all. It’s noisy, rugged and distorted but still incredibly enjoyable. After careful consideration, this will probably end up on many Best Of The Year lists at the end of 2017.


Acid Camp, 2017

The Acid Camp brand name started as a party, then expanded into a podcast and now evolves into a label. And their first release is a pleasant surprise.

«Corot 7-b» starts with the title track, a piece focused on a looped The Field-esque drum pattern and a peaceful pad with some accents here and there that are sort of fantastic. John Tejada‘s natural groove transforms “Corot-7b” into an early night house vibe. The B-side is a little bit different. The synths and rhythm are more aggressive on “SysOp 1” and “Expressway” is ambient farewell. The new record was released both digitally and physically and Simic named it after an exoplanet that is almost 500 years light away from my bed.


Lobster Theremin, 2017

ITPDWIP, or Instant Teleportation Process Detected While In Progress, was recruited by the UK label Lobster Theremin to be their first release of 2017 under the White Label series.

Three original songs plus a remix is almost an insta buy coming from a quality label plus the art is incredibly good. The side A opens up with “Blinded By The Light”, a sweet electronic deep ballad followed by Jeremiah R‘s heavier remix, while the B-side is features a more energetic with some hits of acid experimentation.


Pinkman Broken Dreams, 2017

As stated by Pinkman themselves, the new G String EP is “bare bones blackened machine music” and while it sounds like an overwhelming description it sounds exactly like that.

«Seductive Games» is the embodiment of new wave meets techno. It’s dark and smeared with lonely vocal accents, on “Crystal Daze” and “Seductive Games”, while the closer “Decrypt the Myth” is a straight hypnotic acid production. The Pinkman Broken Dreams sub-label has already released a handful of dark-oriented techno releases and is reading up a new 12″ by Black Merlin next month.


Self Released, 2017

Paul White has been roaming the underworld of hip hop production for over a decade, and after having a stellar 2016 producing «Atrocity Exhibition» for Danny Brownthe UK producer has returned with his first ever beat tape.

«Everything You’ve Forgotten» appears to be an statement. It’s a small collection of beats that range from psychedelic, hip hop to rock ‘n roll and abstract and downtempo. The mix is fluid and gives an idea of the capabilities of a veteran musician to explore unconventional genres and still get a little bit of cohesion in between different rhythms. The beat tape is completely free and is available to download through bandcamp.


Temporary Residence, 2017

David Bowie died over a year ago but is still finding ways to inspire all of us friends, strangers and fellow musicians.

Basinski is an established composer and with 24 long plays already under his belt his newest one might be one of his bests. Played live for the first time last year in Italy, «A Shadow In Time» is a subtle album of drone and meditative repetition. First track is a cathartic opening and the second and last, aptly titled “For David Robert Jones”, is Bowie’s eulogy. Spotify has the tracks reversed for some reason.