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Nightwind Records, 2017

Listening to Legowelt‘s entire catalogue is an adventure in itself, but his Smackos moniker i a little bit wilder and appropriately referred as “cult ambient” .

After 7 years of silence, Smackos return with a solid new experimental product that travels and explores lines of synths, loops and ghostly auras. The finished product is a quite immense and supernatural soundtrack of jazz meets new age ambiance.



Firecracker Recordings, 2017

Neil McDonald a.k.a. Lord Of The Isles starts the year with a great fucking kick. «Parabolas Of Neon» is a six-track fantastic journey of downtempo and ambient jams and a hint of melancholic house(Sunrise 89). He may be releasing a new full length later in the year as well and I hope he does.

Lord Of The Isles’ debut album «In Waves» was one of my favourite records of 2016 and made it into my “Best Of” list last year.


Berceuse Heroique, 2017

Berceuse Heroique has released a ton of strong music in the past three or so years and I’m always keeping an eye out for their stuff. It’s kind of weak that they usually release their music exclusively on wax and they leave the digital hoarders out to dry. Whatever.

Black Merlin just put out an intense piece of dark ambient that I’ll definitely listen during the next months. Four deep tracks on a single 12″ that certainly start to define one of my favourite genres. The title track made me anxious, though. He has also released a bunch of stuff before ranging from techno, deep house, disco(?), etc.


Warp Records, 2017

Brian Eno woke up on January 1st, grabbed some tea, opened up his computer and checked the sales of his new album. “In Stock”, everywhere. Probably not the best idea to release a 54-minute long track across 2 LP. You have to stand up and flip/change the thing.

After releasing «The Ship» last April, Brian Eno opened up the year with «Reflection», a long and endless track with a lot to listen but less to offer. Reflection is a single piece of ambient music based on synthpads, jingles and reverb. A deep repetitive track full of the introspection and nostalgia of starting a new year. It’s nothing new or groundbreaking but it’s honest and fulfills its purpose.

Eno’s new production is overwhelming at times but not boring as a final product. The reflective nature of his new record worked well for a January 1st release. Reminiscence. I listened to this record in Mexico City waiting for a very delayed flight that ultimately brought me home.