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Antinote, 2017

The king of slow-mo electro tracks needs no introduction. Tolouse Low Trax released two of my favourite records of 2016 and definitely bested everyone else with «Rushing Into Water» (my favourite EP of 2016).

Now, «Decades Vol. I» was released on Antinote really late last year, Vol. II  just a week ago and I can assume that Vol. 3 will be out later this year. Been waiting for a full length since «Jeidem Fall» but I can’t complain with all the small releases he’s delivered in the past few years.



TAL, 2017

Ogoya Nengo and The Dodo Women’s Group released «On Mande» early last year via TAL, a full-length record comprised of new African folk recordings from Siaya County, Kenya.

The TAL label starts the year with 4 brand new remixes from personal favourites Lena Willikens, Tolouse Low Trax, Don’t Dj and Orson. A fine and incredible collection of new percussion twists and dub vibes while trying to not take control over the already hypnotic Kenyan sound.